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  PVC Pressure Fittings / Blue Brute C907

Blue Brute (CIOD) pressure fittings are engineered for the distribution of potable water in municipal systems, fire lines, sewer forcemains, industrial process lines and irrigation piping. As its name suggests, Blue Brute comes with plenty of extra strength—both in its physical toughness and its resistance to corrosive elements in the soil.

End-to-end corrosion-resistance
The key advantage of Blue Brute fittings is that they extend the corrosion-proof benefits of PVC pipe to the fittings, allowing the entire piping system to be constructed of non-corroding materials.  For this reason, Blue Brute fittings incorporate the same bell and spigot joint system used with IPEX Blue Brute pipe.  This gasketed joint system reduces installation time and provides significant labor savings compared to mechanical joint alternatives. 

Engineered for strength
Blue Brute is engineered for strength - its fittings offer wall thickness at least 25% greater than DR18 pipe of the same size and maintain the same long-term hydrostatic strength as the pipe.  Blue Brute fittings will not rust or corrode in aggressive soils, eliminating the need for the expensive sacrificial anodes and costly protective coatings associated with metal fittings.  The smooth interior surface of Blue Brute fittings virtually eliminates deposits such as calcium from adhering to its surface.  Ultimately, the water distribution line stays cleaner longer and yields enhanced water quality.

Blue Brute injection-molded fittings are available in 4” to 12”.
Blue Brute fabricated fittings are available in 14” to 48”.

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